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Poker Tips –The game of Texas Hold’em

As we have established, Texas Hold’em is undoubtedly the poker game that tops the popularity chart. As a matter of fact, when most people talk about playing poker, they are probably referring to Texas Hold’em which has proven to be an enjoyable card game for both beginners and pros. This is evident in the fact that the game is responsible for generating most traffic in online poker platforms and casinos, and is also the poker game that features in all the global poker tournaments such as the EPT, WSOP and WPT among others.

Let’s take a look at the basic terms and the rules you should be aware of when playing a game of Texas Hold’em.

The Dealer Button

In a game of Texas Hold’em, the dealer button is what will often dictate the 1stplayers who are meant tostart placing the wagers which are mainly referred to as the small blind and the big blind. The button will also be the determinant as to which part of the table the cards should be dealt from. As a general rule, the cards are meant to be pitched clockwise around the table until each of the players receives their first 2 starting cards. In online casinos, this process is usually automated whereas in brick and motor casinos, there is a casinos staff who is usually assigned the dealing duty.

The Small and Big Blinds

At the start of a new round, the game of Texas Hold’emusually requires two players to post what is referred to as the small blind and the big blind. These are essentially forced bets which usually initiate the process of wagering. During poker tournaments, the idea is to ensure that the blinds keep increasing as a way of increasing the stakes of the game. Therefore, as players drop out, the blinds keep getting raised. In a cash game however, the blinds are always maintained at an agreed limit. In most poker games, the small blind will be half the value of the big blind, however, this may at times vary depending on the variation of Texas Hold’em being played.

The Community Cards

As the betting rounds are played, the dealer will always place certain cards face up on the table referred to as the community cards. By the end of the betting rounds, the dealer will have placed five cards on the table meant to be visible to all the players. When all five are one the table, the players are meant to make use of them to make the best possible combination of five cards. This can of course be in combination of the two issued to the player at the start of the game, which they are meant to keep concealed until the end of the game.

The end goal of the game

The end goal of the game of Texas Hold’em is of course winning, however, in order to emerge the winner, you must have the best card combination at the table at end of the game during what is referred to as the showdown. The whole idea behind the game is to give players an opportunity to build the best combination of five cards and this takes a combination of both skill and luck.

Familiarize yourself with these rules and you are well on your way to becoming a poker player.