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These are the 4 basic must-know principles in the game of poker

The game of poker has grown to become an international sensation. What many people don’t know is that this game has a long history across different continents and this is the reason behind its many variations. Ultimately however, there are standard principles of the game that remain the same regardless of the poker version being played.

We take a look at 4 basic principles you must know.

The size of the pack

The game of poker is played by a standard pack of 52 cards. In some cases however, they will be 54 cards because of the two jokers. Many players however opt for the removal of the jokers. During a poker game especially a professional game, it will always be a requirement for the dealer to use a new pack of cards at the beginning of a game. In fact, any of the players has a right to request for a new pack of cards at the beginning of the game. This is meant to remove any doubt about the integrity of the cards.

The value of the cards

Whereas there may be different variations of the game of poker, the system of ranking the cards and assigning them value remains the same. It’s a principle that all poker players understand and this makes betting and game play straight forward regardless of the part of the world the game is being played. Typically, a winning poker hand will consist of five cards that combine to add up to the highest value.

The process of betting

Poker is primarily a game of stakes. The potential of walking away with a big pay day is what makes this game very addictive and fun. The process of betting is similar across the different variations of poker.Usually, players make bets at certain pre-determined intervals and they will often place bets depending on the strength of their hand. Experienced players will bet small or fold if they have a weak hand and bet large if they are confident that they have a winning hand. It’s however worth noting that the different variations of poker will have minor differences on how the initial bet is placed.

The value of the chips

Almost all the variations of the game of poker are played using chips. As a recommendation, you should have at least 200 chips if the game is being played by more than six players. The chips are of different colors and each color will represent a different value which is mostly determined by the size of the bets the players agree on. As part of their buy in, players will purchase a number of chips and as a rule, all players must buy in at the same amount.

There are of course other principles of the game of poker that cut across all the variations so it’s upon you as the player to familiarize yourself with them.