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Poker Tips –The game of Omaha poker

Omaha is a variant of the game of poker that comes second on the popularity chart after Texas Hold’em. Whereas these variations may seem subtle, Omaha will often require a player to employ a different playing strategy to that of Texas Hold’em. The most obvious difference between the poker variants of Omaha and Texas hold’em is the fact that in Omaha, players will be dealt with four hole cards and not two.

Let’s take a look at the basic terms and the rules you should be aware of when playing the poker game of Omaha.

The nut hand

In Omaha poker, the nut hand basically refers to the best possible hand on the table. Players of this variant enjoy it because of the fact that it has a wide array of possible winning hands therefore players will often strive to make the nut. The fact that players have more cards at their disposal that is 4 cards, makes this game very competitive and unpredictable because a player with a weaker hand can experience a change in fortune and make the nut by just getting one community card to turn in their favor. This has made this variant popular especially for high stakes poker games.

Your Position

In Omaha poker, your position is what gives you an edge over or disadvantages you against the other players on the table. For instance, being in the right position gives you the ability to keep a close eye on the actions of other players on the table therefore enabling you make informed choices that areinfluenced by the information you have deduced. However, when you are not in the right position, it will be difficult for you to make correct deductions due to insufficient information on your opponents. Being in the right position also helps you have better control on the pot’s size.

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The Bluff

Bluffing is common in poker especially when it’s uncertain who has the winning hand. There is a debate as to whether bluffing is effective in Omaha poker and the jury is still out on this. For us, we believe that if you are in the right position and you’re confident about your hand but can’t tell what the opponent is holding, then go ahead and bluff. Because Omaha poker has a wide array of hands, and it may not be possible to tell who in the table holds the best cards, bluffing could be the way you get an edge over the opponent and force them to fold. The idea is to learn the game, learn how to read other player’s tells then pick the perfect time for your bluff.

The blockers

Blockers are basically cards in your possession that will guarantee your opponent cannot make a certain winning hand. When you have a blocker, you can have the advantage of forcing your opponent’s play and ensure they can’t make the nuts.

Familiarize yourself with these rules and you are well on your way to becoming a poker player.