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Poker – 3popular variations you need to know

Poker is an internationally acclaimed game that has attracted millions of players globally. Being a game played in various parts of the world, poker has a number of variations that have grown in popularity depending on where it’s being played, the player’s preferences and the stakes involved. Every poker player has their own preference.

This article is meant to help you expand your knowledge of this awesome game through highlighting 3 popular variations poker that you need to know.

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#1 The game of Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is undoubtedly the poker

game that tops the popularity chart. In fact, when most people talk about playing poker, they are probably referring to Texas Hold’em. It’s a good game for both beginners and pros, and this is evident in the fact that the game is responsible for generating most traffic in online poker platforms and casinos. Up to a maximum of 10 players can be involved in this game and it starts by each player receiving two hole cards, with the board being composed of 5 cards which get revealed during different betting rounds.

#2 The game of Omaha

Omaha is the second variant of the game of poker that comes second on the popularity chart.Whereas the variation may seem subtle, Omaha will require a different playing strategy to Texas Hold’em. For starters, as opposed to receiving 2 hole cards as in Texas Hold’em, players in Omaha open the game with 4 hole cards, and the rest of cards on the board get reveled during different betting rounds.

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#3 The Seven-Card Stud

At some point in time, the Seven-Card Stud was the most popular poker game globally. In this variation of the game, players will start their play by being dealt two downcards and oneupcard. The game will then begin by each of the playersplacing their wager and this will be followed by 4 betting rounds. These betting rounds are meant to correspond with dealing of three moreupcards and one downcard. At the close of each game, players are usually required to make a five-card hand out of the seven cards that were dealt to them.